In the run up to the General Election, the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) has published its essential actions for any incoming government to develop, deliver and sustain an effective care and support system in England.

Dr Jane Townson, Chair of the Care Provider Alliance, said:

“Social care must be at the top of every political party’s agenda – not in the ‘too difficult’ basket.  We are the lifeline for over one million people who draw on our services and we employ 1.6 million people – more than the NHS. At any given time, our sector impacts the lives of 10 million people including those using and work in care, as well as unpaid carers. And we are part of the solution to the pressures on the healthcare system.

“The Care Provider Alliance is calling for an inclusive approach to social care reform – one that is focused on the outcomes for all adults with a support need. The next government must work in partnership with the sector to shape care and support for all – now and in the future. They need to recognise, reward and fund care providers and care workers to enable them to deliver effective care that increases independence and wellbeing.”

The CPA proposes 6 essential actions to develop, deliver and sustain a care and support system which enables people to live independent, fulfilling lives and actively contribute to the wider community:

Work together with people who need care, family carers, care providers and the care workforce to shape care and support for all.
Plan and sustain investment in high-quality, accessible support now and in the future.
Recognise, support and reward the care workforce and promote care work as an attractive, valued career.
Ensure equal access to care and support, especially for marginalised communities.
Support genuine integration, with care providers as equal partners.
Invest in digital and data innovations that improve outcomes for people and support the sector to use them safely.
Read the CPA’s key policy statements




About the CPA

As the collective voice of adult social care and support providers in England, the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) brings together the ten national associations representing private, voluntary and community sector providers. 

We reach over 95% of all care and support provider organisations, in a sector with 1.6 million employees helping people to live good quality, independent lives. 

The scale of the sector is vast – affecting the lives of over 10 million adults at any given time, including people using formal and informal care, care workers, and unpaid carers.

We speak for the whole of the adult care and support sector including care homes, home care services, Shared Lives schemes, housing with care and retirement communities.

We represent providers of support to adults with physical, sensory or learning disabilities, people with mental ill-health, and older people.

Our goal is to ensure that people of all ages can maximise their independence and lead fulfilled lives, with access to high-quality care and support when and where they need it most.

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