Log My Care

Log my Care is the platform for intuitive care management. Accredited by the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) as a Quality Partner, the platform has achieved the standards required for Catalogue Compliance and remains a funding-approved Assured Supplier.

Log my Care’s app and online dashboard help care providers get time back, save money, and deliver person-centred care.  

Easy and intuitive, it can be used without extensive training. Designed alongside support workers and service users, it's the platform of choice for over 1,300 UK providers of learning disabilities services, elderly care and more.

Sales contact: sales@logmycare.co.uk

Case study

Headline: How Moorville Residential used Log my Care to evidence service user progress

Moorville Residential is a learning disability care provider in Sheffield that provides care and support to 44 service users with 174 carers across 7 sites. 

The company's director was looking at different platforms because the team wanted to move away from paper. They wanted a system that would improve how they evidenced their care delivery while meeting the needs of both their service users and staff and Log my Care’s offering fit the bill.

The challenges:

The team are Moorville Residential were struggling with:

  • Lack of accessibility for non-tech-savvy staff
  • Time-consuming paper-based tasks
  • Poor task visibility

The goals:

When signing on with Log my Care, the team had some very specific goals in mind:

  • Implement an accessible, easy-to-use system for less tech-savvy carers
  • Save time spent on admin tasks so that staff didn’t have to try to remember everything they’d done
  • Improve the sharing of information within the service so that staff can easily add more details and understand all notes

For these reasons, Moorville Residential especially wanted a digital care management system that allowed carers to record care instantly without having to go into an office or record on paper. They wanted a customisable platform that could solve these problems and meet their various needs.

The results:

It took the team about 1 month to fully adopt Log my Care. After implementing the system, Moorville experienced:

  • More effective tracking of service user goal achievements through Outcomes and Goals.
  • Improved information sharing and progress reports.
  • Better digital accessibility to less tech-savvy staff.
  • Quality evidence of care delivery for inspections.
  • Cut costs on paperwork. 

Benefits: Reduced paperwork, more quality time with service users, and improved accountability

Implementing Log my Care for staff that weren’t tech-savvy went very well for the team. It took Moorville about 4-6 weeks until staff were fully confident using the platform.

New managers entering the service were able to master the system within a month, quickly understanding where to log information and access different reports. New staff were blown away by the simplicity of the Log my Care system compared to the more tedious processes they followed previously.

Transitioning from paper to digital not only enabled them to achieve their goal of reducing time spent on paperwork but also meant care staff didn't have to be in the office all the time. Now they can access information through a laptop or a tablet. 

Moorville staff embraced the transition to digital, and the improved accountability was a welcome additional benefit. 

“We’ve seen better accountability as staff can read information quickly and clearly. As a manager, we can view who is reading updates and take accountability accordingly.”

- Rob Sawyer, Registered Area Manager at Moorville Residential

“Because it’s an easy platform to use, it doesn't take a lot of time for managers to document anymore. We’ll also download the records from Log my Care and send it over email to local authorities, inspectors like the CQC and social workers.”

  • Jane Struggles, Registered Manager at Moorville Residential