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Social care is changing. The policy push is towards joined up services and systems, and if you want to be at the forefront of this new approach, you will need innovative software that facilitates these new digital connections without losing sight of the personal connections that will always define social care.
CarePlanner customers often save days of administration time each week as well as simplifying tasks and tracking for care workers. With appointments scheduled and tracked through one system, invoices and payroll can be automatically produced with far greater accuracy and less manual involvement. Our internationally recognised customer experience and award winning innovations enable agencies to achieve more with less; improving accuracy and quality of the care given.
User experience is paramount at CarePlanner. Our system is intuitive and customisable, empowering providers to develop their service over time and digitise at their pace. Our system can be shaped to meet the requirements of your service, whether you are looking to change to a system that better understands and meets the needs of your service or you are just starting out.
This is because we match our technology with our award winning support teams to ensure our users get everything they need from CarePlanner. Our personal connections shape both our service and our software, and the sincerity and understanding of our approach are why we won gold at the European Customer Experience Awards 2023.
Through communication and understanding we align with users on the future direction of both your service and our system, and how we can best grow together.
So why not book a demo and find out why 500 new customers joined us last year alone?

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