Danfloor is part of the Ulster Group and since 1973 we have been meeting all your commercial flooring needs by manufacturing carpets for many sectors including the healthcare market.

We manufacture our range of commercial carpets in our Danish tufting plant, back them in Europe’s most technically advanced backing facility and then ship our carpets to the UK where we have an extensive stock holding at our Bristol Head Office.

Our manufacturing history is underpinned by continued research and development. This enables us to deliver commercial flooring that not only achieves the highest standards in performance but more importantly, offers you advancement in yarn and manufacturing technologies, resulting in a superior flooring finish.

Creating a homely and therapeutic environment within a care setting is essential and carpets play a key role. Healthcare carpet not only helps to reduce stress-related behaviours due to their acoustic properties but also help to reduce injuries should trips and falls occur, which is why they should be part of any design specification within a care home setting.

Healthcare carpets not only have to be durable, but the designs and colours available within a carpet collection must take into consideration those living with cognitive impairments such as dementia, and at danfloor we are specialists in providing dementia flooring.

We also believe it is essential to invest time and money into discovering new product advancements, such as antimicrobial yarn treatments that assist with the elimination of bacterial, viral and fungal growth, which can lead to outbreaks such as MRSA.

Our continued research and development enable the delivery of carpets that have outstanding performance features and give you the peace of mind that your flooring is built to last.

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