Kerry Southern-Reason is pioneering a radical transformation in care home interiors, a revolution underscored by her multiple triumphs at the Pinder Healthcare Design Awards. It’s been a journey driven by observing both her Mother and Nan in harsh care settings, combined with learning how to understand her son's sensory disorder.

Driven by the profound impact of design and interiors on wellbeing, it’s about more than stepping into a beautiful space, it’s about being transported to a world where wellbeing, comfort, familiarity, and dignity in every design is prioritised.

And here they are, the new brands and companies that are just the beginning:

Ever dreamt of care homes that perpetually radiate a brand-new aura without the stress or the disruptive aftermath? Say hello to Care Home Rental Furniture, a world where care homes always have brand-new furniture, where the ambiance never fades. Say goodbye to worn-out scratched and chipped furniture, from maintenance to replacement, this fully managed service handles everything, then every 5 years your home transforms again. Furniture is replaced with new, refurbishing and repurposing the old, embracing a sustainable cycle that benefits the environment whilst providing a space that feels like home every single day.

Have you ever braved a night on the bedding in a care home? Would you even dare? Consider the ordeal for those with heightened sensory sensitivities – for some, rough sheets, are akin to physical torment. Welcome to Care Home Bedding & More. Not just changing sheets but transforming lives with tactile comfort. Dive into a world where comfortable sheets create the restful sleep we all need for a better day.

Crafting sanctuaries of love and comfort is My Care Home Photo Furnishings.  In a world of confusion what do we need the most, reassurance, safety and a comforting environment. From 'remember me' cushions that inspire conversations to cuddle-worthy versions featuring images of loved ones or pets, every detail is elevated. Illuminate cherished moments with memory lampshades and wrap residents in a cocoon of treasured memories. It's a personalisation revolution with one purpose, to create sanctuaries of love and comfort.

"We are not just unveiling new business; we're introducing a revolution in how care homes approach their interior design," says Kerry Southern-Reason Managing Director of The Care Home Interiors Co.

“It’s deeply personal for me. We are bringing to the forefront the need to really personalise care through the comfort and familiarity of interior surroundings. We want all care home residents to benefit from stylish interiors, and to have the opportunity to feel like they’re surrounded by love and comfort.

Attendees at the Care Show will get an exclusive first look at what Kerry and her team have been working on during 2023. The big reveal promises to be a revolution dedicated to the affordable betterment of care home spaces.

Kerry Southern-Reason Managing Director says: “It is my passion to reshape the care home industry by improving care home environments. The journey to transform care homes into unparalleled havens of heart and home has only just begun!”

Visit stands B85 and A80 to speak to Kerry and see the first introduction to the brand-new companies.

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