The landscape of health & social care is undergoing a significant transformation with the rollout of the new CQC Single Assessment Framework nationally.

Gone are the days of the fundamental standards, replaced now by 34 new Quality Statements and a dynamic ratings system – plus the introduction of an updated portal and a revamped scoring method, the learning curve for health & social care providers is steep. Many are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory, grappling with preparation and uncertain what do to.

Quality assurance should not be an afterthought

Citation's in-depth analysis of published CQC reports has shed light on a critical issue: quality assurance and governance are the most common areas of non-compliance resulting from provider inspections and leading to poor ratings under the Well-led question. Despite achieving 'Good' ratings in other areas, many providers are tripping over the hurdle of ongoing quality assurance and failing to showcase their excellent practices effectively.

The importance of quality assurance can't be overstated, without on-going monitoring of standards of care how can providers truly be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses? High-quality care is only part of the equation; without tangible evidence, providers may miss out on the recognition and credit they deserve. This is particularly evident in the new Quality Statement on Governance, Management, and Sustainability, where the CQC emphasises the need for leaders to not only implement quality frameworks but also utilise information adeptly to enhance care quality.

Former CQC inspector share his insights

Mick Feather, Citation's care business manager and ex-CQC inspector, offers his insights:

"The overall evidence requirements for care providers remains largely unchanged. The challenge lies in the sheer volume of evidence needed to meet these standards, which can be overwhelming. It's a constant battle for care providers to stay ahead and maintain their ratings.

Care providers need to be on top of everything, all the time which can sometimes feel overwhelming. Regulation 17 is met if providers have effective governance, including assurance and auditing systems or processes. These must assess, monitor, and drive improvement, which is why Citation have spent time developing the new CQC Pro tool to help you.”

CQC Pro system is a game-changer

In today's digital age, the methods for managing quality assurance are evolving. Citation's innovative CQC Pro system is designed to help providers effortlessly align with the new standards. This online tool not only allows for benchmarking against the latest standards but also provides extensive resources and guidance for adopting best practices. With an integrated survey tool for vital feedback and dashboards for a comprehensive view of performance metrics, CQC Pro simplifies the complex world of quality assurance.The Single Assessment Framework is here to stay, and for providers committed to continual improvement, equipping themselves with the right tools is essential. Embrace the new era with CQC Pro – your indispensable online system keeping you one step ahead of new rating system.

Navigating the new assessment framework and beyond

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