As a Care Provider you are probably using technology already and working smarter than ever before, but do you know about these apps that are available in Microsoft Teams?

Rota management

Shifts is an app available in Teams that allows you to manage your staff rotas, absences and share shift information with your carers. With CarePoint365 you can view allocations against contracted hours and produce payroll reports and share timesheets with staff prior to running payroll. Click to find out more here.

Push to talk walkie talkie app

Now you can talk to all of your carers, whether they’re in a care home or in the community, using the Teams app, just like a walkie talkie! It’s very reliable and more secure than a traditional walkie talkie. It is also one less thing to carry and doesn’t make as much noise either. It works well in poor wifi areas too and will be integrated into other CarePoint365 apps like Care Planning, scheduling and property maintenance.

Approvals app

Easily generate and process approvals in Teams. It’s integration with CarePoint365 means that you can handle approvals for almost anything, whether a care home maintenance request, new hire, care plan review sign off, policy update, employee record change or any document in SharePoint that needs review.

Find out more about CarePoint365 here.

Manage Care Service Enquiries

With CarePoint365 you can log and track all enquiries, ensure they are followed up and automate the sending of relevant marketing material. You can also conduct pre-assessments and send enquiries to the team for approval. The solution can be tailored to track fee information and suitability and integrate with finance solutions. Find out more about our CRM solution for care management here.

Property Maintenance

Manage all aspects of a Care Home with a property maintenance solution designed specifically for care services. Track assets, spend, contractor jobs and set up a portal so that your contractors can see their jobs and provide you with updates and evidence of job completion. No need to manage work-orders with spreadsheets and email ever again! Find out more about our care management module for property maintenance here.

At CarePoint365 we provide consultancy services and technology solutions to the care sector, specialising in Microsoft solutions, implementation, project management and solution design.

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