A digital rostering and scheduling software provides significant benefits to reablement services as well as any collaborating services, such as hospitals. In our latest White Paper, we present the hows and whys of a digital rostering and scheduling system. We also explain why making the move to Fastroi’s Real-Time CareTM (RTC) can significantly improve and change the way you care for people.

The use of a digital rostering and scheduling system supports an integrated care services approach. Integration saves both financial and human resources and can provide better care for those who need it most. Modern digital tools can support easy and effective integration and teamwork while saving valuable resources and reducing bureaucracy.

Digital Rostering and Scheduling System Unlocks the Potential of Reablement Services

Reablement is a labour-intensive service. Each event may have significant consequences regarding safety, confidentiality and recovery of patients. In this White Paper, we explain how a digital rostering and scheduling system helps reablement services deliver a higher quality of care with greater accountability.

Our key points on the benefits of using digital rostering and scheduling software in reablement services

  • RTCTM helps relieve hospital pressure by providing a quick reablement process from referral onward.
    This is important because hospitals face both financial and operational challenges. It is necessary to make the best possible use of existing hospital beds.
  • RTCTM supports management and staff in reablement services in several ways.
    The system provides tools for streamlined processes and powerful reporting. It also enables care workers in reablement services to focus on caring.
  • The use of digital rostering and scheduling system helps enhance the sense of safety and privacy among patients.
    The system automatically optimises continuity of care and accommodates any individual requirements. RTCTM has been designed for regulatory compliance of social care.

Our White Paper is available for download here: https://fastroi.com/en/benefits-of-digital-rostering-and-scheduling-to-reablement-services/  

Digitise Care Services with Our Digital Rostering and Scheduling System

Fastroi are a software company producing digital rostering and scheduling System for residential, reablement and home care services. At Fastroi, we believe that Health and Social Care companies deserve the latest digital tools to help them deliver a higher quality of care with greater accountability. Our fully integrated system allows management a better overview of the operations of their business, while allowing their employees to be more focused on care work.

Fastroi provides digital tools for care companies to become outstanding. Digital tools help save time from both administrative and care work tasks. Real-Time Care™ is one of the most comprehensive tools available to Care organisations, allowing them to develop a more efficient, higher quality service by using a single integrated platform.

18 years of Business

During the last 20 years, the daily life of Social and Health Care in Finland has changed radically. We have been part of this change. Our two software products have become market leaders and our systems have over 40 000 end users. We now aim to make everyday life in the UK social care sector easier as well. We are a reliable partner and we work with passion. Our mission is to facilitate care through technology by providing solutions that simplify the planning and reporting of social care work.


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