Resident well-being is of paramount importance, prompting care homes to seek innovative solutions for improved care outcomes. Ally is the UK’s leading evidence-based Resident Monitoring System boasting impressive stats affirming its efficacy in falls prevention and resident well-being.  NHSE and ICB research proves that Ally's Resident Monitoring system delivers:

However, its true value lies in its holistic care approach.

Ally's mission is to revolutionise resident well-being by addressing unobserved care needs. Unlike traditional nurse call systems, Ally integrates AI technology with sophisticated sound and motion sensors, enabling carers to identify residents' needs, even in solitude. Ally discretely detects a wide array of care needs, including non-physical movements like calls for help, groans of pain, confusion, coughing, and changes in movement and sleep patterns whilst respecting residents' privacy and autonomy.

Through continuous monitoring, Ally alerts care staff to potential incidents before they occur, reducing injury risks. Beyond falls prevention, Ally provides valuable insights into residents' overall well-being, identifying early signs of illness for timely intervention.

Ally helps reduce staff burden by eliminating scheduled night checks.  Residents benefit from more sleep, leading to improved daytime engagement and overall well-being. Our solution integrates with digital care software to bridge the gap of capturing unobserved moments to complement observed care records - providing a holistic view of residents' needs over time.

Discover how Ally can shape the future of resident care in your care home - visit today.

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