It’s very reliable and has never let us down unlike our previous system. We use the travel time estimates to roster our visits and its user interfaces are very intuitive so it’s been quick to learn.

We like the fact that the Care Circle Portal gives families access to care notes and visit details but the biggest benefit is that it is user friendly for all – family, staff, everyone.

By using CareLineLive – and we don’t yet use 100% of its features – it makes our life a lot easier. Our old system was a lot more manual, with CareLineLive, our processes are more automated so it’s reduced our workload. I also like the feature where carers can voice record handover notes for the next carer to ensure continuity of care.

The CareLineLive Carer Companion app has been really good, it’s so user friendly as carers can read all the information they need – we share support plans and use the app to communicate with carers and send notifications to them. Carers cannot say that they don’t have the information as it is always on hand, and up to date.

With our previous system only 35-40% of the staff were using it to help them, with CareLineLive 70% of our staff are using the system so compliance has almost doubled. The fact that our younger and older staff members are able to use it is hugely positive for our company.

We showed CareLineLive to our local authority in Redbridge and they were also impressed with its features and interfaces.

The support offered is one of the main reasons that we went with CareLineLive. The team are responsive – they will always get back to you and they are always open to suggestions. There is never a time that we need to revert to manual back-ups with CareLineLive as it is so reliable.

Julie Rees, Director, Here 2 Help Ltd

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