Enhancing medicine compliance and minimising errors

Care home residents often entrust and rely on care staff to manage their medication. Administering medication safely and accurately is an important and sometimes daunting task for care providers - giving the wrong dose could be harmful, missed doses could cause side effects or prevent the medicine from working and administering the wrong medication could even be fatal.

Correct dosage, timely administration, and ensuring the care home always has a resident's required medication are all crucial to avoid medication errors.

Some individuals also require frequent medication and often have to take multiple medications, which need to be administered at different times of the day and require meticulous attention and precision; getting it right and understanding the resident's needs is vital to ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents.

Additionally, managing medication involves ordering, transporting, storing, and disposing of medications, which can all be quite time-consuming.

That's why numerous care homes across the UK are automating their medication management and administration processes by adopting digital solutions to increase resident safety.  One such technology that has proven extremely helpful and becoming increasingly popular in care homes is the electronic medication administration record (eMAR) system, an alternative to paper-based MAR charts.

eMAR systems, such as ATLAS eMAR and Camascope, enable care homes to manage medication administration records digitally and assist care staff with scheduling, tracking and ordering resident medication, providing real-time information on medication orders, dosage, and administration schedules - this helps to keep residents' medical records up to date, accurate and safe while also keeping staff informed of any allergies the residents may have.

Providing flexibility and choice for care organisations 

Person Centred Software, a leading care management software provider that has been streamlining and digitising the social care sector for the past decade with its wide selection of user-friendly products, has just integrated with Camascope's eMAR system.

Already offering ATLAS eMAR and a number of other best-in-breed eMAR systems as a medication management solution, Person Centred Software now provides more flexibility and choice for care organisations across the UK. 

Its cutting-edge Connected Care Platform, which has gained popularity among care providers as a top choice, covers the full spectrum of care management through integrated solutions, such as mCare, the UK's most widely used digital care management system.

mCare, which now integrates with a variety of eMAR systems, stands out from other care management systems in the market as it offers care providers a complete ecosystem of care with an unrivalled selection of best-in-class partners, making it the only system of its kind.

Person Centred Software's latest integration with Camascope, formerly VCare systems, integrates seamlessly with mCare, revolutionising medication processes, digitalising and enhancing medication management for care providers and leading pharmacy chains, including Boots, LloydsPharmacy and Well. As well as benefiting tens of thousands of residents across the UK, Camascope's eMAR system offers a safe and highly efficient way to manage medicines.

Andrew Coles, Chief Product Officer at Person Centred Software:

''At Person Centred Software, we have always provided choices for our customers by allowing them to connect our digital care solution to other products they utilise to drive digital transformation and deliver better outcomes for the people they support. Working with like-minded providers like Camascope is another example of how an integrated ecosystem of care offers greater benefits by enabling the sharing of data to support better decision-making for health and care professionals.'' 

Robert Livingston, chief commercial officer at Camascope, comments on the partnership: 

"The ongoing collaboration between Camascope and Person Centred Software demonstrates our commitment towards improving the health and social care sector for residents and health and care professionals across the UK. 

We are delighted to be working with Person Centred Software, as interoperability is crucial and plays a key role in enabling timely access to up-to-date medical information. This integration will allow medicine and health information to be visible in a single place and improve the quality of care for residents, which aligns perfectly with our mission." 

Home Manager at Oaklands Nursing Home: 

 "The integration between Person Centred Software's system (mCare) and Camascope saves us time and helps reduce medication errors. It is simple to use, and the medication administered on Camacope's eMAR system seamlessly appears on the Person Centred Software's digital care planning system." 

Home Manager at Hollywynd Residential Home: 

"It's great; carers using mCare don't have to chase a nurse or meds giver anymore to see what medication has been given - they can see everything on mCare as the data from Camascope is shared instantly, which saves us so much time.

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